Pimlico is the only station on the London Underground which does not contain any of the letters in the word BADGER.
However, it's not the only station on the TFL Network with this honour. Good old Hoxton gets in on the act as well.

Equally excitingly, Kléber is the only station on the Paris Metro which doesn't contain any letters from CAN'T TOUCH THIS and Buch is the only station on the Berlin BVG without any of the letters of KARTOFFEL

Type in any word to see which stations do not contain its letters. If you find a unique hit - tweet about it of course!.

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There are some problems with the tube. No WOOD GREEN, for example. I'm working on it!

stations remaining:

Many thanks to popbitch and b3ta for the shouts.
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Now available on for your pulling and forking pleasure on the githubs: Tubewhacking